Cazcabel Coffee Liqueur Tequila



Tequila Bottled 70cl/34% by producer

Cazcabel Coffee is a tequila-based coffee liqueur that has clearly set itself the goal of barrelling into the large Patron XO-shaped hole in the market and coming to the rescue of fun-loving bar patrons across the land.

Cazcabel Coffee Liqueur is composed mostly of Cazcabel Blanco tequila and will give plenty of oomph to your Espresso Martinis.

Official Tasting Notes

Nose: Chocolate and coffee, with a hint of earthy agave.

Palate: The rich, sweet taste of freshly roasted coffee, notes of chocolate, vanilla and agave. 

Finish: Smooth, rich coffee, dry.

Distillery NOM 1463
Bottler Cazcabel
Age Status Blanco
Country Mexico
Bottle Size 70cl
ABV 34%


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Cazcabel Coffee Liqueur Tequila