Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Series No.6 | Jimmy Bedford 70cl

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Bottled at a higher strength (43%) than the standard Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7, the Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller series pays tribute to the custodians of the world’s most famous Tennessee whiskey.

Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Series No. 6 celebrates the former Master Distiller, the late Jimmy Bedford, who was at the helm of Jack Daniel’s from 1988–2008.

Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Series No.6 | Jimmy Bedford 70cl


The Jack Daniel’s Distillery was founded in Lynchburg, Tennessee, in 1866, and has a long history. The distillery, which is renowned for its premium whiskey and commitment to tradition, has developed consistently to satisfy the preferences of whiskey connoisseurs all around the world. The Master Distiller Series, which honors the talented people who have molded the brand throughout the years, is one of the distillery’s most noteworthy products.


Introducing Jimmy Bedford

A masterful distiller and an industry legend, Jimmy Bedford left an indelible mark on Jack Daniel’s and the whiskey industry as a whole. Born and raised in Tennessee, Jimmy began his journey in the whiskey business at the young age of 16, working as a tour guide at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. Over the years, he worked his way up, learning the art of whiskey-making and eventually becoming the Master Distiller in 1988.


Jimmy Bedford has left a lasting impression on the whiskey world thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the distillation process and unmatched passion for crafting outstanding whiskey. Worldwide whiskey fans really appreciate and admire him for his dedication to workmanship and attention to detail.


The Concept behind the Master Distiller Series

The Master Distiller Series was introduced as a way to honor and celebrate the talented individuals who have held the esteemed position of Master Distiller at Jack Daniel’s. Each limited edition release in the series is a testament to the contributions and expertise of these master craftsmen.


The series serves a dual purpose, paying homage to the Master Distillers while offering enthusiasts the opportunity to savor unique expressions of Jack Daniel’s whiskey. The limited availability of each release heightens its exclusivity, making it a desirable collector’s item for whiskey aficionados.


Features of the Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Series No.6

The sixth installment in the Master Distiller Series, the Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Series No.6 is truly a masterpiece to behold. Crafted with care and precision, the No.6 edition showcases the distillery’s commitment to excellence.


The distilling process utilized in the creation of the No.6 edition remains true to Jack Daniel’s time-honored tradition. The finest ingredients, including the pristine waters from the Cave Spring Hollow, are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. Distilled through charcoal mellowing and aged in handcrafted oak barrels, the result is a whiskey of unparalleled smoothness and complexity.


The unique characteristics of the No.6 edition captivate the senses. With a rich amber color, notes of caramel, vanilla, and toasted oak greet the palate, followed by a lingering warmth. The interplay of flavors and the smooth mouthfeel make this edition a truly remarkable sensory experience.


The bottle design of the No.6 edition is a work of art in itself. Its sleek silhouette, adorned with intricate details, reflects the sophistication and heritage of the Master Distiller Series. Packaged in a premium box, every aspect of the presentation exudes elegance and craftsmanship.


The Role of Jimmy Bedford in Creating No.6

As the Master Distiller responsible for the No.6 edition, Jimmy Bedford played a pivotal role in shaping its flavor profile and character. With his wealth of experience and deep knowledge of whiskey-making, Jimmy brought his unique perspective to the creation process.


Jimmy’s influence on the flavor profile of the No.6 edition can be tasted in the harmonious balance of flavors. His meticulous selection and blending of barrels resulted in a whiskey that showcases the best characteristics of Jack Daniel’s while adding his own personal touch.


Insights into Bedford’s distilling techniques reveal his commitment to tradition and his quest for perfection. His attention to detail during the aging process and his ability to identify the optimal moment for bottling contribute to the exceptional quality of the No.6 edition.


Collaborations and inspirations also played a significant role in the creation of the No.6 edition. Jimmy Bedford collaborated with a team of experts, exchanging ideas and pushing the boundaries of innovation while staying true to the distillery’s heritage. The result is a whiskey that seamlessly weaves together tradition and modernity.


The Story behind the 70cl Edition

The choice of a 70cl bottle size for the No.6 edition carries symbolic significance. It represents the dedication and attention to detail that Jimmy Bedford poured into each bottle. This size serves as a reminder that greatness can come in a compact form, encapsulating the distillery’s commitment to quality over quantity.


Limited availability adds to the collector’s value of the 70cl edition. With only a limited number of bottles produced, it is highly sought after by whiskey connoisseurs and collectors alike. Owning a bottle of the No.6 edition not only provides an exceptional tasting experience but also signifies one’s connection to a storied legacy.


Jimmy Bedford’s Impact on Jack Daniel’s Legacy

During his tenure as Master Distiller, Jimmy Bedford made significant contributions to the# Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Series No.6 | Jimmy Bedford 70cl


Distillery Jack Daniel’s
Bottler Jackdaniels Distillery
Country America
Region Tennessee
Series Master Distiller Series
Limited Edition Yes
Cask Type American Oak
Bottle Size 70cl
ABV 43%


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