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Martell L’Or De Jean Cognac 70cl, France

L’Or de Jean Martell is a particularly outstanding Cognac. This Cognac is made from eaux-de-vie from the terroirs of Grande Champagne and Borderies and is composed of eaux-de-vie up to 100 years old. The end product is a delectably matured combination of flavors that takes the palate on a sensory voyage. Admire the deep, dazzling hues of Cognac encased inside the meticulously constructed bottle at first glance. Then, when you taste it, you’ll be mesmerized by the flawless harmony captured in the blend of over 400 different eaux-de-vie—pure enchantment. Christophe Valtaud, cellar master, reveals:

“L’Or de Jean Martell is the quintessential Martell Cognac in my opinion.” L’Or offers a wonderful combination of aromatic richness and strength, with the body of Borderies and the structure of Grande Champagne.”

Martell, founded in 1715, is one of the oldest Cognac houses. Today, the brand is in the forefront of Cognac production, with a strong international reputation. The distinctive distillation technique used by Martell is free of contaminants, allowing the eaux-de-vie to absorb the rich fragrant tones of the bourbon cask.

Presentation of the bottle

The presentation of the bottle dressed in a superb crystal decanter, L’Or de Jean Martell, is certainly a collector’s item for the Cognac connoisseur. As embodied by its name “L’Or de Jean Martell”, this Cognac embodies opulence and finesse. Contained within a teardrop-shaped bottle, its striking gold case keeps the Cognac on full display. The long golden neck and crystal bottle stopper further accentuate its glamorous aesthetic. Also featuring hand-engraved swirls on the gold case and glass stopper, as well as on its equally sumptuous stand and presentation box. Clearly, every detail has been taken into account. From the design of the decanter to the handcrafting of the nectar it contemplates, this Cognac is a true work of art.




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Martell l'or de jean cognac 70clMartell L’Or De Jean Cognac 70cl