Stauning KAOS | Triple Malt Danish Whisky 70c


Stauning KAOS Triple Malt Danish Whisky.

Stauning KAOS is a Danish whisky, described by the distillery themselves as “basically, everything Stauning does, in one bottle”, so this is the perfect introduction for anyone looking for an intro to the delights of Danish whisky.

Stauning KAOS is a mix of Stauning’s peated and unpeated single malts blended with the distillery’s rye whisky, which itself is a mix of 70% malted rye and 30% malted barley. If you made the same whisky in Scotland, you’d have to call it a single blended whisky, but Stauning refers to KAOS as a triple malt, as all the ingredients are malted.


The Official Tasting Notes of KAOS Triple Malt Scotch, Stauning

To begin with, a rounded and sweet pear, a sweet apple, and quince jam. Then hazelnut notes move to dusty, smoky spices. Zesty and peppery 

“A whiskey that reflects a place: open, wild, cool, clean.” 
Dave Broom


Distillery Stauning
Bottler Distillery
Series KAOS
Country Denmark
Bottle Size 70cl
ABV 46%


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Stauning kaos | triple malt danish whisky 70cStauning KAOS | Triple Malt Danish Whisky 70c