WhistlePig Farm Stock Rye Crop 002 75cl


Straight Rye Whiskey
Distillery Bottling 75cl/43%/86 Proof

Here is the second release in the Farm Stock series from WhistlePig.

Whistle Pig’s vision is to finally create what they call “100% triple terroir,” whereby they will create rye that is distilled fully from WhistlePig grain, proofed with WhistlePig water, and aged in WhistlePig’s own Vermont oak.

They are edging their way there with this release as 32% of the makeup is 2-year-old triple terroir rye.

The remaining marriages are a 6-year-old whiskey from Indiana and a 10-year-old whiskey from Canada. What a blend this is!


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Whistlepig farm stock rye crop 002 75clWhistlePig Farm Stock Rye Crop 002 75cl