Dufftown 2008-2022 Life’s A Peach | Wemyss Malts


Dufftown, 2008–2022 Life’s A Peach | Wemyss Malts 70cl/46%

Life’s a Peach is a 14-year-old Dufftown 2008 released in 2022 by Wemyss as part of the first outturn of their revamped Single Cask Series. Wemyss has bottled this Life’s A Peach 2008 Dufftown 14-year-old from a single hogshead cask, yielding 308 bottles at 46%, and as the name suggests, this Dufftown has plenty of fruity flavors balanced by a pleasing toffee sweetness.


Official Tasting Notes:

A celebration of succulent and ripe stone fruits and indulgent treacle toffee.



Category Scotch Whiskey
Distillery Dufftown
Bottler Wemyss Malts
ABV 46%
Distilled Year 2008
Bottling Year 2022


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Dufftown 2008 2022 life's a peach | wemyss maltsDufftown 2008-2022 Life’s A Peach | Wemyss Malts