Single Casks

A single cask, or single barrel whisky, is any whisky produced by aging in a single barrel without blending. Confusingly, the name single cask whisky is also given to whiskies that mature over several barrels sequentially. Which is to say that a whisky may be aged in and seasoned by several casks and still be called a single cask, so long as it is not the result of mixing the contents of different casks together. While it is not guaranteed, most single cask whiskies are non-chill filtered, without caramel, and bottled at cask strength.
Within the world of whisky, single malts are generally seen as the upper echelon of Scottish whiskies; for enthusiasts, however, the single cask whisky wears the crown. Single malts are the result of the marriage of many different barrels from a single distillery, under the control of a master blender. In contrast, a single cask whisky is, in principle, the sole contents of a single whisky barrel and thus totally unique.

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