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Godet Cognac Gastronome XO Organic

Introducing the Godet X.O. Organic Cognac, an extraordinary blend that combines age-old craftsmanship with a commitment to organic excellence. This exceptional cognac is a testament to our unwavering dedication to producing pure, clean spirits that respect both nature and tradition. With a dash of wit and a nod to sustainability, XO Organic is here to redefine your perception of organic indulgence.

Crafted from 100% certified organic grapes, this extra-old blend is a true embodiment of our eco-conscious values. We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that no chemical products or additives interfere with the natural essence of this exquisite cognac. Embracing an environmentally friendly approach, XO Organic invites you to savor its refined flavors while supporting the protection of living organisms, ecosystems, and biodiversity.

XO Organic pays homage to the historical Gastronome cognac, a cherished after-dinner libation. However, our contemporary rendition takes it a step further. Designed to perfectly accompany good feminine vegetarian food, this ultra-dry cognac challenges conventions and sets a new standard for conscious consumption.

Unlike many organic cognacs that are still very young, XO Organic distinguishes out for its exceptional age. This rarity raises the bar for your tasting experience. On the nose, delicate notes of orange blossom, iris, and violet dance, drawing you into a world of sophisticated scents. A mature symphony unfolds on the palate, presenting flavors of walnut and black cherry. The voyage comes to a close with a beautiful and sweet finish that leaves a lasting impact.

This cognac XO, aged for ten years, exemplifies the organic perfection of the Fins Bois region. It symbolizes the passion and dedication of winemakers who pioneered the organic movement over two decades ago. Each taste of XO Organic is an invitation to appreciate their pioneering spirit while enjoying the enthralling flavors of a genuinely extraordinary cognac.


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Godet gastronome organic 70clGodet Gastronome Organic 70cl