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Stauning Rye Danish Rye Whisky 70cl

Stauning is Denmark’s largest distillery, yet they still floor-malt all of their own locally-sourced rye and barley, use long fermentations, and direct-fire their 24 small copper stills, honouring traditional whisky-making methods while always seeking to innovate.

Stauning Rye whisky was bottled at 48% after 3–4 years of ageing in new American oak barrels. Stauning Rye whisky is a pot-distilled high-rye mashbill Danish whisky (70% malted rye and 30% malted barley) with plenty of fruit alongside the expected rye spice. A well-made, characterful whisky.


Official Tasting Notes for Stauning Rye

Freshly-baked rye bread on the nose, then gentle red fruit and ripe cherry on the palate, balanced by vanilla and citrus peels, leading to a peppery finish.

“Intriguing and a whiskey that keeps drawing you back in.” 
Dave Broom

Distillery Stauning
Bottler Distillery
Series Smoke
Country Denmark
Bottle Size 70cl
ABV 48%


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Stauning Rye | Danish Rye Whisky