Dunvilles Three Crowns Rotation 1948 Half Bottle


Special Liqueur Irish Whisky. 1948 alcohol / 70 Proof

Dunvilles Three Crowns, a 1948 alcohol, is exceptionally well preserved for a bottle of such age. We were lucky enough to taste this whiskey a few years ago, and it was nothing short of incredible. 1948 liquor bottle. Unlike its modern successors, which are blended from excellently sourced malts at the splendid Echlinville distillery near Portaferry, Dunville’s Three Crowns was produced at the Royal Irish Distillery in Belfast. Royal Irish closed in 1936 due to pressure from the Great Depression and prohibition in America, so this half bottle liquor will therefore contain whisky at least 12 years old.

Please note that this bottle does not have a stated size on the label but is approximately equivalent to a 37.5cl half-bottle size.


Brand Dunville’s
Bottler Dunville’s Co Ltd. Belfast
Bottled Rotation 1948
Series Three Crowns
Country Ireland
Bottle Size Half Bottle
ABV 70 Proof



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Dunville's three crownsDunvilles Three Crowns Rotation 1948 Half Bottle