Blended Whisky

Whiskey from several malt and grain distilleries are combined to create blended whiskey. A blended Scotch is a whisky that combines a barrel-aged malt whisky (made entirely of barley) with a few other grain whiskies (made entirely of barley but with other grains). At least 20% whiskey is used in the blend to make American whiskey, with the other ingredients being neutral grain spirits, colorings, and flavors. Higher quality companies only use whiskey as their primary ingredient and don’t add neutral spirits or colorings to their blends. Instead of saying “blended,” these labels typically say “a blend of bourbons, Scotches, or whiskey.”

How does blended whiskey taste?

Flavors vary, just like in any other whiskey category. Because the environment impacts whiskey’s characteristics, no two individual malts will ever be the same. By blending several together, a distillery can keep a brand’s flavors consistent. Master blenders start with their general recipe, but it’s the precisely skilled tasters who help achieve a flavor closest to what each product is known for. That being said, blended whiskeys taste sweet with flavors of vanilla, cherry, candied fruit, or chocolate. They can also taste smokey or ashy, with hints of leather and dried fruits. They’re generally more mild and

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