courvoisier mizunara cognac



Courvoisier Mizunara Cognac 750ml

courvoisier mizunara cognac Made using Grand Champagne, considered to be the most prestigious cru from the Cognac region, Courvoisier Mizunara begins its journey aging in French oak barrels and is then transferred to one of House of Suntory’s award-winning Mizunara casks made of superior Japanese Mizunara wood for a second maturation, resulting in an exceptionally harmonious and aromatic cognac.

An innovative collaboration of two legendary makers, Courvoisier Mizunara, was created in unison by Courvoisier’s sixth chief blender, Patrice Pinet, and the fifth-generation chief blender of the House of Suntory, Shinji Fukuyo. Drawing on their collective expertise, Pinet and Fukuyo discovered commonalities in the processes of precise oak selection and aging in both cognac and Japanese whisky to create Courvoisier Mizunara.


Category Cognac Whiskey
Country France
Size 750ml
Box Original


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Courvoisier mizunara cognaccourvoisier mizunara cognac